To provide astonishing everyday products for you & your best friend.


It's no secret that dogs have been our best friends since, well, basically forever.
As for that, we at Furry-Tale are determined to excel at producing the highest level of dog accessories. We are all about your dog and the strong bond you build and maintain together. Our method of manufacturing is established upon personal knowledge, the information we have gathered throughout the years and precise research with large surveys for dog owners - their likes and dislikes regarding our dog products.

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Here's What Our Customers Think:

I love the shirt that I bought, Fits perfectly and it represents who I am. Thanks!

Frank Schiffer

I buy my dog accessories only here for the past year, I love the products and the service!

Susan Colins

As a family of Dog lovers, it is important for us to have products that fit their needs perfectly. Furry Tale provides a great value for all of them.

Diana Perry

It's the first time I ran into a store that sells products for my dog, but also for me. Love it!

Jeremy Hopkins


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