Best Frisbees for dogs

Best Frisbees for dogs

Many dogs love to play Frisbee games with their owner, and the activity usually provides some needed exercise for your pup and smiles for you!

But in order to play disc-oriented games with your pup, you’ll need to have a couple of high-quality Frisbees and a willing pup to get started.

There are a million different flying discs on the market from which you can choose, and they vary widely in terms of their performance, weight and size, materials and overall design. So, you’ll need to learn a little more about flying discs to make the best choice for your dog.

Characteristics of Fantastic Frisbees for Canines

Before going further, let’s be clear about one tiny detail: The circular toy you throw to your dog is best called a disc, throwing disc, dog disc, flying disc or flier.

The term “Frisbee” is a trademarked name, owned by the company Wham-O. However, just as occurs with Q-tips (cotton swabs), ketchup (catsup) and Baby Powder (talcum powder), many people use the brand name when discussing discs made by any company. We’ll use the terms interchangeably, but just be aware that the term Frisbee refers to a specific product.

Your dog doesn’t care if you use a name brand throwing disc or not, so let’s move on to the characteristics that good throwing discs possess.

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Generally speaking, the heavier of two otherwise identical discs will fly farther and straighter. However, they will also pack more “oomph,” making them a bit harder to catch.

Good dog discs are easy to throw and fly well. If you aren’t able to throw the toy well, your dog will struggle to learn to catch it. A good catch requires a good delivery!

The best throwing discs are designed so that your dog can grip them easily. Most dogs can grip a standard Frisbee, but many designed explicitly for dogs have features that make them better suited for Fido’s mouth. For example, many flexible dog discs are easier for pups to pick up off of flat surfaces.

Throwing discs must be rugged and durable enough to stand up to the wear and tear you and your dog will dish out. Cheap, low-quality discs will likely fall apart before you can get good value from them. Models labeled as bite-resistant are especially deserving of consideration.

If you are interested in learning more about the physics behind flying discs, and better understanding the principles at work, check out this Scientific American article, which delves into the subject and also provides some Frisbee-throwing tips.


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