Blog "Number Two" - Literally.

Blog "Number Two" - Literally.

Let's face it – NO ONE likes to pick up poop after their pets!

We love them, we cuddle with them, we sleep with them and we even play sports with them!
But when it comes down to picking up their **** it's never fun.
Are you familiar with picking up your dog's leftovers when you go for a walk or staying at home and your "cutie" lands a smelly surprise?
No matter for how long you own a dog, it's impossible to get used to it.

So, we at Furry-tale have gathered up the most effective and efficient accessories that would definitely help you out succeeding in the task of avoiding the unnecessary touches and make your life much more pleasant.
Take a good look, understand what each of the accessory's value is and if you like one of them go on and get yours because it would surely make your life MUCH easier and far less disgusting.

The first one is the Pickup Truck:

The pickup truck is a cool and efficient way of picking up after your dog.
It's compact, made from great material and most important - makes your life much easier!

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The second tool is a little different, yet very effective as well, the PooPicker:

A great and compact accessory for cleaning after your dog.
Looks like scissors, works like scissors but picks up poop instead.

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The next product we would like you to meet is the Poopy Scoopy:

Hate taking sh*t for your dog? Grab the Poopy Scoopy and never touch your dog's sh*t again.
Scoop after your pet quickly and easily with the amazing Poopy Scoopy.

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And last but not least – The Great Poop Tractor:

Every dog poops, but not every dog POOPS! If your dog is as big as a horse, you might need to handle his sh*t accordingly.
The Great Poop Tractor is the Lamborghini of the tools when it comes down to poop cleaning. It can lift a big amount and it does it from a distance without forcing you to get close or for heaven's sake, smell or touch it!

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Hope you've enjoyed this blog, welcome to share it around with friends who need some help picking up after their loved ones.



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